Jude S. Walko - IMDB


Jude's experience is vast and encompasses over 50 films ranging anywhere in budget from well under a million dollars to studio pictures over a hundred million. He has worked with scores of A-list celebrities, Oscar winning directors and top industry producers and technical crew. He is very well connected in the film and music industries, and it's his passion for film that keeps him very competitive in the Entertainment Industry. Jude has worked on feature films all over the world including all corners of the U.S., Brazil, India, Jordan, Thailand, Vietnam, and the United Kingdom. In Thailand, where his family is based, he ran one of the country's most successful production companies and personally supervised 6 films over the course of 15 months.

He has acted in over 30 films, and is well versed on both sides of the camera, making him the ideal person to direct talent and supervise production. He has vast experience as a Line Producer, 1st Assistant Director, and 2nd Unit Director which will segue very soon into his writing and directing career. He is currently attached to over ten feature films and is the writer of 6 scripts.

His next two slated projects are "The Unhallowed Horseman" and "Devil's Corps" both of which he wrote and will direct. Jude spends his time between Los Angeles and Bangkok with his wife and two children



Dan Campbell - IMDB


It was while serving with a Marine Corps Infantry Unit that Dan Campbell picked up the leadership and logistical skills he would use (along with his film degree from Grand Valley State University) to start making a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

He climbed his way through the ranks, from Private to Sergeant, before earning an Honorable Discharge from the USMC. Almost immediately after, Dan was climbing again. His film career began in West Michigan -- Grand Rapids, specifically -- and over the course of 7 years, he's held a wide variety of titles. Starting low and working up once more, Dan has gone all the way from an internship as a Production Assistant to being a Producer of independent feature films.

When he's not busy traveling from venue to venue to film on-location around the world, Dan still resides in Michigan -- where he will always feel most at home.

He has worked on more than 25 productions, ranging from commercials to music videos to feature films, and he's worked in a number of different genres: family, faith-based, horror, action, drama, and comedy.

Co-founder and Co-owner of Blue Falcon Productions, Dan has several original content feature film projects in various stages of development. Currently, he's slated to produce The Incantation -- his very first original content feature film -- a film written by (and to be directed by) producing partner and fellow filmmaker, Jude S. Walko.

-By Jacob Dennert